Travel writing
Reviews of nightlife and restaurants for the Vilnius edition of international cityguide "In Your Pocket".
In Your Pocket started in Vilnius and has spread across the more obscure and interesting destinations of Europe. The writing style is witty but honest, and naturally aimed at the more adventurous citybreaker or travelling businessman.
Here are some examples:

Pit Stop Pizza

Vrrroooooom! The über-scarlet Formula One theme, complete with Ferrari photographs and uncomfortable seating, is clearly designed to encourage customers to exit this high-rent floor space as quickly as possible. The pleasant staff will happily serve you an edible pizza in a cardboard box, but there's no alcohol licence, so don't expect to be sprayed with champagne.


Run in an appropriately random fashion by a Portuguese expat and the survivors of Lithuania’s original warehouse party scene, find an orange lounge, big sound system, table football and a bar where it’s possible to die of thirst before dying of asphyxiation in the smoking corridor. The authorities hate this place, so it may well be what you’re looking for if the feeling’s mutual. Hard to find, ask the guys with dreadlocks and ad agency sneakers hanging around the street.
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