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I write press releases for Lithuanian labels Lowvibe and Ambra, and for sample library

Ambra Recordings

Fresh out of Eastern Europe, Ambra is a label from a different side of drum and bass.
Founded by Emery, a long-time producer and mastering engineer from Lithuania, this label will feature talent from home and abroad, developing the local scene and making contact with the world. The upcoming releases promise to show a deep, clean, stylish approach, away from the crazy arenas of London, hidden in the borderlands of Europe and Russia.
Taking influence from the long history of drum and bass, through highlights such as Dillinja, Roni Size, Goldie, High Contrast and Lynx, Emery is determined to keep an adult flavour and promote polished productions. The debut release "Serpentine EP" gives a good idea of the direction of the label, winding like a river through different landscapes, unknown names collaborating with big hitters, always with a focus on quality sounds and thoughtful atmospheres.

Genys - Inna Tank (LOW001)

Genys (meaning "woodpecker") is the founder and manager of Lowvibe, and his music influences the whole label. With a cheeky attitude to the darker side of dubstep, and a meditative background influenced by the sounds of Jamaica and his travels to India, Genys has come up with a deadly spooky roller for his debut selection. "Inna Tank" was born from a sound inside a metal water tank, and has been twisted and crafted into a sneaky headnodder for the smokers at the back. Genys is the original underground soldier of his scene, and this track shows that his sound cannot be ignored.

Teffa - Vapour (LOW002)

Teffa is a polite, quiet, happy young producer from the port town of Klaipeda. His track “Vapour” is nothing like its producer, at all. Vapour is a terrifyingly dark and minimal dubstep nightmare, perfectly moving between dreamy synth atmosphere and deadly simple trouser-filling kicks, snares and subs. The super-early drop has destroyed dancefloors all over Lithuania, and it’s now time to export our heaviest track to the rest of the world.

Primeloops: Bulletproof Hip-Hop Grooves

Lock and load, this is the toughest new collection of hip hop beats on the block! These heavy-duty loops and instrumental scores have been precision-made and expertly tailored in a high-grade beat factory, ensuring your invincibility on the streets. This solid consignment is full of deep kicks, crisp snares and claps, synthesized strings, acoustic and electric basses, subs, guitars and all the percussion you need to put a gangster lean in your tracks.
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