Ambra Recordings
Identity for a drum and bass label.
Ambra is an independent drum and bass label based in Lithuania.
Drum and bass is already an old form of music, by dancefloor standards, and has split into many branches. There is a long history of drum and bass artwork, much of which is low quality and derivative, but the most successful labels have a good logo.
The priority for ambra was to create a logo that could be recognised at very small sizes, because the main area for sales is the internet, where releases are represented by tiny jpegs.
The design takes elements from 12" vinyl heritage, the basis of the drum and bass scene, and updates them with a clean, approachable image, to match the high fidelity and warmth of the music on the label. The logo can be seen as an overhead plan of a DJ table, with turntables and a mixer plugged into a sound system.
As brand manager I designed a system that can be adapted to many uses in the long term, featuring a map of the river running through Vilnius, where the studio is situated. I am also responsible for writing press releases and advising on the PR strategy.
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Words and design by Mark Splinter
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