Fronted by Bjelle, produced by Mark Splinter and joined by a varying selection of Lithuanian beatmakers.
Bjelle came second in Lithuania's Got Talent. But don't hold it against her.
Coming, as so many Lithuanian musicians do, from a proper musical background (she even has her own choir), Bjelle melted the nation's heart with her first televised performance of "Brother", a ballad about a soldier who didn't return from battle.
This mainstream exposure obscures the fact that for years Bjelle has been working underground with many other musicians, including bass music promoter Mark Splinter, the guy who brought dubstep to Lithuania.
Bjelleprojekt is the result of countless jams and recording sessions, experiments and accidents, taking full advantage of Bjelle's incredibly natural voice, imagination, and songwriting talents.
The premiere performance took place at Satta Outside Festival 2012. The first major single release coincides with the premier of We Will Riot, a Lithuanian film about beatmaker culture.
Some of the most promising producers in Lithuania have collaborated to create heavyweight beats that deliver floorshaking satisfaction from the front to the back. Flowing from folk to dubstep, Bjelleprojekt is a unique combination of sounds and influences for your ears and feet.
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