I specialise in writing and editing english for marketing and promotion. I also work as a consultant with eastern european projects, improving their presentation to an international audience.
"Never had such good and precise proof reader" - Bernie ter Braak, Cozy restaurant, Vilnius, Lithuania www.cozy.lt
The thing is, it should be "proofreader", not "proof reader", and... we're gonna have to rewrite the whole thing, to give it more pizazz.
My real name is Mark Adam Harold. I have lived, loved, worked, and paid taxes in Lithuania for nearly 10 years. Due to strict citizenship laws, I can't get dual citizenship, so on the 10th anniversary of Lithuania's membership of the EU and NATO, I wrote a letter to the President asking her to make an exception. It's written in Lithuanian, to the best of my abilities. I hope she reads it, but also I hope the wider public consider the possibility of increasing Lithuania's dying population by encouraging immigration and offering dual citizenship to EU citizens who live and work in Lithuania permanently. To my surprise and delight, the letter went viral with over 1000 likes in the first week, including many prominent politicians and public figures.
"As Lithuania went through huge political changes and a deep economic crisis, the Lithuanian movie industry’s silence was deafening. They made films about Stalin’s oppression and dead composers and people having sex in a coma."
I am Mark Splinter. After years of being told that nazi freedom of speech is protected on facebook, I was finally blocked for posting an ASCII penis. This is the diary of my horrific ordeal.
I write and edit English for foreign companies who care about their presentation internationally.
I write press releases for Lithuanian labels Lowvibe and Ambra, and for sample library Primeloops.com.
Here is a selection of my writings as an expat.
Reviews of nightlife and restaurants for the Vilnius edition of international cityguide "In Your Pocket".
Various articles about musicians and music.
Hello, labas, privyet, this is my website.
skype: splinterlt