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Here's some previous writing work:

Copyright Utopia

As founder of I was invited to write about my vision of copyright in the future. English translation coming soon.

Sounds of the Underground

An article exploring the political views of the underground music scene.
"When we started in ‘94, there was absolutely not much happening. There was no Internet, so it was still not easy to get foreign records. One German exchange student called Christian was bringing music to Lithuania."
A German called Christian came to spread Western culture in Lithuania? Luckily, he experienced less violent resistance than his ancestors.
"We started to make parties. We had a CD player and couple of tape decks. Lighting was from three lamps," he laughs, "and it was enough. We were flashing them on and off with our hands."

Caspa and Rusko

A telephone interview with dubstep superstars Caspa and Rusko, just as they were releasing their Fabric mix which split the scene into several directions...
M: ...that's what I wanted to ask, because dubstep can't be dark if it's got jokes in it.
R: Yeah exactly, but there's still a lot of people like Pinch, the Skull Disco boys, Mala and DMZ, they're doing the deep sounds, the dubby sounds, their sound is one sound and our sound is still dubstep but it's a different thing. It's got humour, it's a different thing. We just keep doing it.
M: So do you think that is strengthening the dubstep scene as a whole, or will it go like it normally goes and split up into different people arguing about what is dubstep and what isn't dubstep?
C: The only people who are gonna argue about what's dubstep and what isn't dubstep are people that have nothing else to do, they just sit on a forum and chat absolute rubbish. I think we should just let the scene do what it's going to do, let it evolve like it is now. Not everyone likes really minimal dubstep, not everyone likes heavy dancefloor dubstep, not everyone likes dubstep with dnb or breaks influences, but you know what? You can't please everyone, everyone's different, just enjoy the sounds of dubstep and keep moving naturally. If you start getting really anal about it, like if you are offended by something that's in a dubstep tune, then you are in it for the wrong reasons. Just enjoy it man.
R: I think the main thing is that all the DJs play in the same room, rather than one sort of DJ in one room and one in the other. All the DJs play in the same room to the same audience, whether it's Mala doing a deep dubby set, me and Caspa doing craziness, everyone brings their own thing... (Lithuanian language)

Eleven Tigers

An interview and article about Lithuania's most promising music star, back when he was creating his debut album.
At this point I remember one big difference between making music and riding a bicycle around London: With music, there is very little risk of death.
11T: I try not to think about it, I know if something happens it is meant to happen. Death is not final.
We are getting philosophical now, so Jacob has some deep thoughts about his influences:
11T: Most of the time I am trying to catch things which are future-related, I am obsessed with trans- and post-humanism, I search for clues everywhere to understand how human life changes and evolves or falls into some dark era of nothingness. I know that loads of stuff I get into my mind is just some media device made to control guys like me, but I feel that from those clouds of contradictions something valuable comes, sometimes it is some sort of joy to feel that I think (therefore I am), sometimes it's the music, it makes sense to go hunting in those information streams for inspiration, I just call this process my "Fantasy Hunt" (read it as you like).
I am from London, where nobody has deep thoughts, there isn’t time for that. Jacob should be careful, he could get a smack if he starts talking like that down the pub. (English and Lithuanian)
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